Player’s Edge 21 and Monster Match Progressive

Player's Edge 21 and Monster Patch Progressive

Player’s Edge 21 is a variation of blackjack that has some fun additions. The decks used for this game have had the 10s removed, though face cards still remain and count as 10. Players always win immediately when they have a point total of 21 and, depending on the card combination, can win up to three times their original wager! Also, players may double down at any time in Player’s Edge, even after taking a hit card.

Players may double down up to three times total, and if they haven’t busted and don’t like their hand, can take back (rescue) the last double down wager and fold their hand.

The real fun begins when players wager on the double match up and down wagers, using the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up and down cards. The more cards of the same rank (number), the better! If the cards match in rank and suit, the winnings really stack up, with 13-to-1 payouts!

The monster match progressive jackpot is just a $1 wager and is also based on the player’s and dealer’s first two cards. Cards of the same rank and color will win, with the four-card suited match paying 100 percent of the progressive!