One For the Money

One for the MoneyThe object of One for the Money is to have a higher card than the dealer. Cards are ranked in their standard order: Ace is high and 2 is low.

Getting Started

Make an ante bet to compete against the dealer. Make the optional Perfect Match bet to play against the pay table. You will then get one card and have the following choices:

  • Check (i.e. do nothing); or
  • Make a raise bet of 1x your ante; or
  • Make a trade bet of 1x your ante and receive a new card.
  • If you make the trade bet, you may check or raise equal to your ante.

Perfect Match Wager Win Conditions

  • The dealer then reveals his two cards and selects the higher one.
  • You win if your card is higher than the dealer’s final card.
  • All bets (ante, trade, raise) pay even money.
  • You lose if your card is lower than the dealer’s higher card.
  • You push if your card is the same rank as the dealer’s card.
  • Perfect Match

    This optional wager wins if the card you play and the dealer’s two cards make one of the following Perfect Match hands:

  • Suited 3-of-a-Kind
  • 3-of-a-Kind
  • Player card matches a dealer card (suited)
  • See layout for odds.
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