Lucky Ladies

Blackjack rules with a bonus!

The Lucky Ladies Blackjack variation at Crazy Moose Casino – Pascoe is a great way to shakeup the typical Blackjack experience. Players can make a separate bet on whether or not their first two cards will equal 20 in addition to the traditional Blackjack bet. The two bets are separate, meaning Players can win one bet and lose the other.

All standard rules of Blackjack apply; the side bet bonus Lucky Ladies twist is the only difference. Players may bet anywhere between $11-$25 on the Luck Ladies bet and the maximum payout is $25,000.

Players wager on whether or not their first two cards equal 20. Players are paid 4-1 up to 1000-1 depending on the nature of the twenty they receive. Determination of winners and losers, and the corresponding “take or pay” procedure occurs on the first two cards only, before the player acts on the hand.

Lucky Ladies Bonus Payoff Table

  • Queen of Hearts Pair + Dealer Blackjack – 1,000:1
  • Queen of Hearts Pair – 125:1
  • Matched 20 – 19:1
  • Suited 20 – 9:1
  • Any 20 – 4:1
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